I’m a rapper/singer/songwriter born in Hyderabad, India on 5/15/1992. I had fallen in love with rapping/singing/songwriting since the age of 15, but would often get told by my parents that it would take me nowhere. On my 18th Birthday I had made physical copies of my first mixtape called “Next Chapter” to hand out to my friends. But my parents were very against me making music at the time. They had broken the physical copies I made and then threw them in the trash. They knew I was going to Northeastern University next year and didn’t want music to interfere with my studies. But my friends ended up getting a Pro Tools microphone for my birthday so my mood wasn’t ruined for too long. Once in college at Northeastern University I was taking music more seriously and started going to music studios. I had dropped a mixtape called “Next Generation” my junior year which allowed to lock down a collaboration down with Raxstar. So after I graduated from University I flew out to London to shoot “3AM in the Morning” featuring Raxstar. Ever since then I had been on my grind with music and had recently dropped my 8th music video called Demons (Raakshason) on YouTube. - Abhisting

rapper, SongWriter