The planning of this event has been a long time coming and it is finally almost here! Ideas conceived by Monty Kataria & Abhinav Chintakunta of Desi in NYC alongside Rubal Sikka of Storytellers, Ent. - the goal is to build a movement in North America of the Urban Desi scene. The Urban Desi scene is real, it is here and something that the world should watch out for! South Asians aka Desis all over the world present a certain creative genre of art that coincides with the modern/urban era without forgetting and fusing their traditional cultural vibes. 

We are humbled and proud to present the first ever event of its kind, which will be showcased annually from here on. Urban Desi Conference & Concert aka UDC 2016. 

Key people involved in UDC that have made it a reality are Fahim Feroj, Trisha Sakhuja, Aman Syal, Jassi Anand & Vikas Kumar - huge shoutout to them! In addition to these individuals, we convey our regards and gratitude to our amazing artists, partners, supporters, community leaders, college/university ambassadors, friends, family and our beloved media! 

For more information and to be a part of the movement, please email: