Rapper, song-writer, producer

Often times, "rap" tends to fall towards the bottom of the rankings in genres when it comes to skill. However, Zeshan is not just a rapper. His passion for music, and all aspects of it is what allows him to call himself a true artist. His knowledge of rhythm, rhymes, vocabulary, and the ability to entertain any audience speaks to his abilities as a lyricist. His commitment to working closely with every producer, hand picking the instruments and adding his touch to each beat, allows him to speak confidently in conversations about production.

His ability to engineer his own music and know which plug in or software to use, or how to properly set up a room for recording opens a door into engineering most artists never discover. Most of all though his long standing habit of researching the industry, knowing the important names and the current trends, reading between the lines when it comes to marketing strategy, these are the things that give him an upper hand against even the better musicians in his genre. Zeshan is not just a rapper. He is an artist, a business man, but most importantly a fan of good music.